As accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals, we struggle with...

  • Finding dream clients. So we feel stressed over bringing in new business and take on clients that don't fit our business model.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. So our days are filled with never-ending checklists and we question if we're making a difference. 

  • Knowing the value we bring to our clients. So we undercharge our services and lower prices to attract new clients.

  • Comparing ourselves to others in the industry. So we lose confidence and wonder what they're doing that we're not.

  • Trading our time for money. So we are left feeling overworked and underpaid.

here is what you need:

New perspectives and an empowering place to educate yourself on how to align your business with your vision.


A place to ask questions, bounce ideas, and gain insight from your peers.


An advisor to guide you away from common mistakes made in this industry.


You need to be confident knowing that you are fully capable of changing the lives of small business owners

while achieving financial freedom for yourself

that's why we created

The Accountant's Lounge

Imagine waking up each day...

  • Feeling confident on discovery calls.

  • Knowing your business is serving you.

  • Having a community that supports you

  • Feeling energized in your work.

  • Knowing you're managing your team well.

  • Not feeling in competition with others in the industry.

  • Having the tools you need to run your business effeciently.

  • Knowing the difference you're making in your client's lives.

What's inside?

In the Lounge, we value abundance and community over competition. We believe that you don't have to run your business alone. We know that if you invest in yourself, others will invest in you

Interactive Trainings

Harness the knowledge of leaders in the industry with live calls twice a month! One training call to learn new ways of growing your business and one mastermind call to learn from each other's experiences.


Get instant access to a members only community filled with like-minded and kind-hearted members to help you grow and build strong relationships in your business! This is place to network, bounce ideas, and get questions answered.

Resource Library

Members receive new resources each month to help you scale and run the business of your dreams. This includes templates, guides, checklists, etc.

Referral List

Referrals are the #1 way to get new clients. Members join a shared referral list so that you can refer clients who aren't a great fit for you and have others share your information with potential ideal clients!

here's everything else that's included inside

The Accountant's Lounge

Advanced techniques

We go in depth to cover how to price your services, identify your ideal client, automate the onboarding process, marketing in a way that has potential clients reaching out to you, aligning your goals to your business, boundaries, hiring, outsourcing, and SO MUCH MORE!

New content each month

We want you to continue to invest in the growth of your business. Each month we'll be delivering new trainings, resources and tips to help you grow a business that serves your life goals.

Recorded trainings

When you join, you'll gain access to all trainings and resources that came before you. You can jump in, binge and leave wanting to take action in your business today.

get to know your new advisors

Dawn and Ashley are both fellow accounting firm owners who understand the struggle of scaling a business, serving clients well, and marketing yourself all while trying to stay up to date with the changes in the industry. We believe in community over competition and are here to empower you to run the business of your dreams.

Patton Accounting

Dawn Patton

Prior to starting her own business, Dawn managed an accounting firm. You would think that by managing the accounting, tax, billing, marketing, and client relations she'd be ready to take the plunge and start her own business. Truth is, she was, but she didn't know that. To her, being a business owner bore too much responsibility. She wouldn't have any one to bounce ideas off of and no one to review her work. What would happen if she didn't know the answer to a question? Or forgot about a deadline? Without a team, could she ever take time off??

After lots of convincing from co-workers and family and multiple inquires from clients, she said yes. Within less than a year she built a six-figure business, hired 6 team members, and has fallen in love with entrepreneurship.

Her goal now is to help instill confidence in other accountants by building a welcoming community where business owners can network, learn and build their dreams!

Pretty Penny

Ashley Waychoff

Ashley went from working for a CPA firm to a position as the controller for a Shark Tank start-up, both of which she loved but longed for financial freedom and dreamt of leaving the 9-5 life with a commute. Her business, Pretty Penny, began as a side-hustle. 10 months into building her side-hustle (and just enough in monthly revenue to cover the bills), Ashley decided to jump in and make it full time. She knew the money would come, but didn't get clear on her vision for the business or the type of clients she wanted to work with. This lead to chasing the next dollar, signing clients that didn't fit her business model and feeling very overworked and undervalued.

Everything changed when Ashley decided to take control and gain clarity on the type of business that would serve her goals. This meant working with ideal clients, setting boundaries and creating a schedule with freedom. 

She now wants every accountant to know that they too can have a business that serves them!

If you've spent time frustrated, unsure, and doubting yourself...


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is the time commitment?

Who is this membership for?

What is the meeting schedule?

There are two meetings a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 11am CST. If you aren't able to make the live calls, all recording will be help in the membership area! 

Is it worth the price?

Why choose the Accountant's Lounge (why us)?

What's included?